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Music-Plaschke – the instrument family  from South Tyrol

In the online shop of music Plaschke both beginners and professional musicians will find a wide selection of high quality and affordable ocarinas and panpipes and their accessories.

Since 1963 we have been producing music Plaschke our traditional instruments. Skilful work is, for more than two generations, hand in hand with a strict final inspection to even the highest demands to suffice.

Perennial mounted hard reeds (bamboo-like tubes) and selected woods are the basis for the Plaschke panpipes. The Plaschke ocarinas, however, are handmade from clay (terracotta) produced.

In addition to our pan flutes and ocarinas, see also the matching folio for your favorite instrument in our shop.

In operation in Algund quality ocarinas, panpipes and other small musical instruments manufactured and sold directly and repaired as necessary.
In our online shop you will find a huge selection of ocarinas Plaschke & panpipes also accessories, care sets.



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