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This professional care set for pan pipes from Plaschke is the ideal accessory for the optimal care of the pipes!

We recommend to oil it more often in the beginning. You should use the paraffin-vaseline oil for the inside after each playing the first 3-4 times, to keep it smooth. In this way the pipes aren`t going to dry out. The sound stays warm and the tone response fast and clean.

Regular oiling with the specially made wooden sticks and the paraffin-vaseline oil gives an optimal sound to the instrument.


  • Care set for the panpipe
  • High quality cleaning sticks made of wood
  • In two different sizes for thicker and thinner tubes
  • 100 ml paraffin or vaseline oil

Care set for panpipes and flutes made of bamboo and wood Plaschke Instruments

    • Guarantees the longevity of the entire pan flute
    • The sound remains warm and clear through the use of the care law
    • Thanks to the various cleaning rods, all pipes can be perfectly maintained and embedded individually
    • 2x high-quality cleaning rods made of wood in two different sizes for thicker and thinner pipes
    • 100 ml paraffin or vaseline oil
    • Description and care instructions
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