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Pieces for ocarina and accordion including CD
Author: Silvia Kumeth

Foreword: In 2011 her music book "Spielstücke für Okarina und Steirische Harmonika" was published. After the demand was so high, Silvia rewrote the notes for accordion. The accordion notes can be played for the ocarina in F major or independently.
The chords for accompanying instruments eg guitar u. Double basses are noted above the ocarina part. and refer to the interaction with an ocarina in F major.


  • Musicians Greetings
  • Flower Meadow Landler
  • On the Bockerlbahn
  • Greetings to South Tyrol
  • Steamed noodle polka
  • A round sach`
  • Ocarina on the road
  • Valley View Polka
  • Funny raft trip
  • Würmtaler - waltz
  • Kasnocken -Polka
  • Techtelmechtel -Polka
  • Spitzbua - Boarian
  • Gundi Polka
  • Ocarina fingering chart


Pieces for ocarina and accordion including CD


    • Play pieces for ocarina and accordion
    • including CD
    • Griffschrift
    • Ocarina terracotta
    • Ocarina ceramics
    • Ocarina set
    • Ocarina


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