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Welcome to “UKULELE 1x1”, the perfect and easy textbook to learn how to play the ukulele – entirely without notes!

It happened so many times that clients visited my shop and were looking for a simple and understandable textbook for the ukulele. Unfortunately, we never found exactly what they were looking for. That’s why I decided to write a textbook by myself so that children and adults can be able to learn how to play this fantastic Hawaiian instrument.
In this book, I fully choose plain language, without any reference of technical terms. In this way, everybody is able to learn the basics for playing the ukulele. At the end of this textbook, everybody should be able to develop its own skills independently by using either the internet or any other type of media.


A very special and unique textbook for adults and children – without musical notations! With this book you will be able to play your first songs on the ukulele very soon. The combination of textbook and tutorials are perfect for beginners in the world of the ukulele-music.

The fundamental basics, rhythms and techniques are explained in an easy and understandable way, without the knowledge of musical notation. You’ll learn how to play chords and accompanying harmonies.

The video tutorials will help you to understand the exercises and techniques in an easy way!

With this textbook it will be so much fun to play the ukulele! 😊

UKULELE 1x1 textbook, school for ukulele, child's play, without notes and instructional video

    • Foreword
    • The ukulele
    • How to tune a ukulele
    • The right positioning
    • Chords & tablature
    • Chord collection
    • First exercises
    • Techniques for playing the ukulele
    • Your Turn!


    Song collection with 10 well-known campfire songs

    • Lady in Black
    • Ein Bett im Kornfeld
    • I'm gonna be 500 miles
    • In the air tonight
    • Knocking on heavens door
    • Love is all around
    • Stand by me
    • Somewhere over the rainbow
    • Have you ever seen the rain
    • Hallelujah
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