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Have you ever dreamed of making your own birdsong in spring to bring nature to life? Then our waterfowl whistle made from natural fired clay/terracotta is just the thing for you! Fill this enchanting flute with water and gently blow into it. Suddenly a cheerful bird concert comes to life! The notes sound as real as if you were in the middle of a blooming forest.

But the best thing about it is that you can't just make birdsong - no, you can become a true master of this instrument! With the right amount of water, the perfect pitch and the intensity of your breath, you can imitate a variety of bird calls. From the gentle melody of a swallow to the powerful call of a cuckoo - the possibilities are endless!

And the best part? This bird water whistle is not just for adults. It's just as much fun for children! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of nature's sounds and discover the joy of birdsong.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your waterfowl whistle now and let's imitate the cheerful concert of birds together! Made from fired brown terracotta

Waterfowl pipe made of terracotta/clay flute, natural brown

PriceFrom €5.90
    • Available individually or in a value set of two pieces with different designs
    • Made from naturally fired terracotta
    • Natural brown
    • Beautiful birdsong
    • Can be filled with a little water
    • Waterproof
  • - Terracotta waterfowl whistle brown

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