You can teach yourself Pan Flute by Costel Puscoiu
language: english

  • About the Author
  • Short History of the Panflute
  • Masic Music Notation
  • The Pan Flute
  • How to learn a New Piece of Music
  • How to Practice
  • Hoe to Hold the Pan Flute
  • How to Play the Pan Flute
  • Breating
  • Our First Note:G,C,D,E,and F
  • Intervals:teh second: A,B,and high C
  • Intervals: the Third: high D and high E
  • Chromatic Semitones
  • Intervals: the Fourth andt Fifth, high F and high E
  • Staccato
  • Legato
  • Epilogue

You can teach yourself Panflute

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  • Lehrheft für Anfänger in englischer Sprache von Costel Puscoiu,
    Geeignet für Anfänger
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    Intervalle, Halbtöne, Staccato, Legato