A small insight into the handicraft production of our traditional instruments with a focus on the ocarina!
A report from Servus TV- Heimatleuchten.

The Plaschke family has been involved in the manufacture and sale of musical instruments for about 170 years. The founding father started his business in 1848 in Bolzano with the manufacture of woodwind and brass instruments. In 1959 his son Josef Plaschke (in the picture on the right) moved to Merano, where he opened the first music shop of the entire Burggraviato. Among the sale and repair of musical instruments, he also included the ocarina in his own production for the first time.

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Josef Plaschke repairing historical violins

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In 1970 a further location was added in Lagundo. At the beginning, musical instruments were repaired there and the ocarina was refined. In 1977 Josef's son Georg entered the instrument making business as well. Two years later they came up new a new instrument: The panpipes.
1994 Georg Plaschke and his wife Maria took over the business.

Georg Plaschke building the panpipes

Nowadays the ocarinas and panpipes are further developed even more professionally in cooperation with international musicians. They convince with their clear tone, good temperament and perfect processing.
In 2013 the son Alex entered into the company and in 2016 he passed his final exam at the school of musical instrument making in Vienna with 3 awards. In the same year the son began to build electric guitars and other stringed instruments.

Alex Plaschke with Plaschke Guitars

In 2017, the second son Manuel Plaschke entered the panpipe making business after graduating at the commercial school. Nowadays the family is successfully running the business together. Aside from producing high quality instruments the family has also two small, but fine shops in Merano and Lagundo with professional repair workshops.
The Plasche`s are on the spot at ocarina festivals, Advent markets, international music fairs, trade fairs and other musical events.

The Plaschke family: Alex, Maria, Manuel and Georg