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  1. The Plaschke kazoo is a small membranophone, handcrafted from South Tyrolean beech wood. By responding or singing, a membrane is set into vibration, so that the sound changes your own voice.
  2. The kazoo stands out above all because of its innovative form. The instrument is about 10 cm long, optional with a laughing face and coloured rosette in red, blue, green or yellow.
  3. The membrane holder (coloured rosette) can be easily replaced.
  4. Kazoos made of wood are noble and have a warm and soft sound.
  5. It works similarly to the old technique of "comb-blowing", producing a slightly saxophone-like sound. A kazoo is not a wind instrument. You don´t have to into it, but to sing into it. With its own voice the small parchment membrane is made to vibrate. The membrane does not produce a sound of its own, it only amplifies and changes that of the singing voice. The result is a quaky, nasal, distorted sound. The pitch depends solely on the tone sung into it.

Kazoo Set 4x colored made of wood, natural & handmade | Plaschke Instruments

€55.60 Regular Price
€53.93Sale Price
    • Set consist of 4 kazoos in four different colors
    • Made of fine beech wood, handmade in the heart of South Tyrol
    • Optionally with a laughing face and different colors
    • Produces a distorted croaky sound by singing in
    • Used for various pieces of music or plays
    • A very fun instrument also suitable for children and for training the vocal cords!
    • 4x Plaschke Instruments Kazoo in red, blue, green and yellow
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