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  • Set of 4x pendant Ocarina in G major Alt in all four colors
  • Range: g '' - g '' '
  • Material: terracotta
  • With easy-to-learn learning sheet + fingering chart
  • Chromatic
  • Particularly suitable for beginners and children
  • Exact mood
  • Easy response
  • Pure and soft sound
  • No paints - chemicals are used!
  • Place of production: South Tyrol - Italy
  • Set consisting of 1x brown ocarina, 1x red ocarina, 1x green ocarina, 1x blue ocarina

According to an old tradition the Plaschke Pendant ocarina is handcrafted in South Tyrol for early musical education since 1963, aside from the classic ocarina.

We would like to bring music making closer to all young and old musicians with this easy to learn small tone flute with just one octave.

The ocarina is available in 4 colours: red, blue, brown and green.

You can also find an easy to learn fingering chart, basic songs in fingering and notes.

The small clay flute is packed in a nice sales box with logo, fingering chart and songs, a threading tape to prevent the ocarina from falling down.

We subject all ocarinas to a strict final inspection in order to always guarantee optimal quality.

Pendant Ocarina set 4 colours in G major, handmade in South Tyrol from clay

€72.00 Regular Price
€69.50Sale Price
    • Handmade in South Tyrol/Italy for early musical education, because of the 4-hole version.
    • A 4-hole ocarina, made of fired terracotta ceramics with various beautiful and durable coloured glazes.
    • The Plaschke Pendant ocarina is an easy to learn instrument, it´s possible to play beautiful pieces of music in briefest time.
    • With simple learning sheet + fingering chart for an easy and quick start!
    • Cord to tie around the instrument to prevent it from falling down!
    • Nice sales box with logo!
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