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  • Made in Italy suitable for Panpipes with 24-27 tubes.


  • Color: Black with the Plaschke logo embroidered!


  • With high-quality zipper and 5mm foam padding and extra pocket on the front for books, notes, cleaning materials and much more.


  • Protects the pan flute from knocks, bumps, scratches or from falling.


  • With comfortable shoulder strap and hand strap to have the instrument at hand quickly.


This storage bag was especially developed for the Plaschke pan pipes, but it is also suitable for all the other Romanian-style pan pipes. The bag is padded and thus protects the instrument from blows, falls, scratches or knocks. Thanks to a pleasant loop and handles, the bag can be transported easily and comfortably. The pan pipes are immediately ready to hand. The quality zipper and padding keep the instrument safely and firmly fixed in the bag. This bag is appropriate for all pan pipes with 24-27 pipes.

Bag for panpipes size: 24-27 tubes / tones from Plaschke Instruments

    • Tear and waterproof
    • with zipper
    • Comfort shoulder strap and wrist strap
    • Embroidered with Plaschke logo
    • robust nylon fabric
    • lined
    • reflective tape
    • With an extra pocket on the front for storing books, cleaning materials and much more.

    Color: Black

  • 1x bag with loop and logo

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