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The exclusive premium ukulele from Paschke Instruments with the unique Alp Gold finish, model QASH0123, offers an incomparable musical experience for children and adults alike.


This outstanding premium quality concert ukulele is the flagship of the Paschke Instruments collection. Its beautiful top made of selected burl ash gives it an unmistakable aesthetic and the elaborately finished, arched back and side elements made of the same noble wood ensure a warm and resonant sound that inspires the senses. The unique grain of the long seasoned ash wood makes it a real eye-catcher.


The precise, open chrome mechanics in a classic open look on the headstock are not only a visual highlight, but also extremely practical, as the ukulele can be easily tuned at any time. The geared mechanisms ensure exceptionally stable tuning, regardless of the playing environment.


And that's not all! The lightweight and stylish protective case allows you to take your beloved ukulele with you wherever you go. Offering premium protection, this bag features a convenient backpack carrying system and a generous additional compartment for accessories. Whether by the campfire, on a mountaintop or on the beach, this ukulele is guaranteed to draw admiring glances.


But that's only part of what's on offer. The Alp-Gold Ukulele Set includes:

  • The Alps Gold Ukulele QASH0123 in concert size
  • An elegant protective case
  • replacement strings
  • A textbook from Plaschke Instruments in German, English or Italian
  • A quality clip tuner (optional)


What does the Ukulele 1x1 textbook offer?

This textbook is a real asset. It was specially developed for children and adults and completely dispenses with sheet music. After a short time you can play and accompany the first songs. The combination of textbook and accompanying videos provides an ideal introduction to the world of ukulele music. You will learn essential basics, rhythms and techniques without having to deal with complex notations. Playing chords, accompanying songs and playing melodies on all four strings is child's play.


What distinguishes the Plaschke Instruments Alp-Gold ukuleles?

The brand new Alp-Gold ukuleles are made with the utmost dedication from the finest tonewoods worldwide. The meticulous craftsmanship emphasizes the unique sonic and visual properties of each wood species.

Thanks to more than 100 years of expertise in the field of strings and bowed instruments, the Plaschke company has put all its knowledge into the creation of this new "Alps-Gold" line. These outstanding and attractively priced ukuleles enchant with their rich sound and first-class materials.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the ukulele and let yourself be seduced by the melodies of these small Hawaiian instruments from South Tyrol! Get your new ukulele set now and unfold your musical talent in a fun and inspiring way.

Ukulele quill ash set for children and adults by Plaschke Instruments

PriceFrom €175.00
    • Concert ukulele
    • Total length of the ukulele: 62.5 cm
    • Weight of the ukulele: 0.6kg
    • Top: Burly Ash
    • Body: high-quality grain ash veneer
    • Neck: mahogany
    • Open classic mechanics in gold look
    • With pre-assembled belt holder buttons
    • Very stable
    • Suitable for C major or D major tuning
    • For left- and right-handers
    • Made by Plaschke Instruments
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