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Ukulele set for children and adults, with learning book incl. instruction videos, high-quality clip tuner (optional), bag and replacement strings by Plaschke Instruments


Alp-Gold ZEB0121 Concert Ukulele

The ukulele Alps-Gold ZEB0121 is a concert-ukulele. It is composed of a high-quality zebrawood corpus, which gives it a very clear, warm and long-lasting sound. The beautiful grain is truly an eyecatcher!


Ukuleles made of zebrano with a mahogany neck, especially those with an arched back like the ZEB00121, have a unique, warm and long-lasting sound! Decorated with the perfectly inlaid bindings made of synthetic material. The perfect instrument for the journey: at the campfire, on the mountain top or at the beach!


The headstock is equipped with high-quality tuners in chrome look, easily tuneable.

All Alps-Gold ukuleles have a carefully designed headstock with interlocking tuners that always remain tuning stable.


In addition, all ukuleles have a lightweight and stylish protective bag. The bag offers excellent protection, a practical backpack strap and a large extra space for accessories.


Everything together is offered in the incredible advantage SET:

  • Alp Gold Ukulele ZEB0121 Concert
  • Protective bag
  • Spare strings
  • learning book by Plaschke Instruments in three languages
  • Clip tuner (optional)

About the learning book:

A very special and unique textbook for adults and children – without musical notations! With this book you will be able to play your first songs on the ukulele very soon. The combination of textbook and tutorials are perfect for beginners in the world of the ukulele-music.

The fundamental basics, rhythms and techniques are explained in an easy and understandable way, without the knowledge of musical notation. You’ll learn how to play chords and accompanying harmonies.

The video tutorials will help you to understand the exercises and techniques in an easy way!

With this textbook it will be so much fun to play the ukulele! 😊


The brand-new Alps-Gold ukuleles are made from a variety of the finest tonewoods from around the world. These amazing ukuleles are carefully constructed to bring out the unique tonal and visual characteristics of each type of wood.

The Plaschke company already has over 100 years of experience when it comes to strings. In 2021, the new line "Alps-Gold" has been launched, with new types of high-quality ukuleles with perfect sound, high-quality materials and an incomparable price. Let yourself be surprised by the wonderful sound of the small Hawaiian instruments from South Tyrol.

Ukulele Zebrano Set for Children and Adults by Plaschke Instruments

PriceFrom €139.00
    • Concert ukulele
    • Total length: 61.5cm
    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • Body: high quality zebrano wood veneer
    • Neck: mahogany
    • Encapsulated mechanics in chrome look
    • With pre-assembled belt holder buttons
    • String stable
    • Suitable for C major or D major tuning
    • For left and right handers
    • Made by Plaschke Instruments in South Tyrol
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